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Inlay Padauk Wood Dust With CA Glue

by Jonathan Downing on February 07, 2022

Today's product that I'll be showing you is the Starbond Super Fast Thin EM-02. One of the great benefits of Starbond CA glues is the ability to adapt with interesting neat little patterns. I have here a piece of wood which I've run two small cuts down the middle, basically making a channel. I will now inlay this with Padauk dust. This is simply for an example. Spread the Padauk. Give that about five seconds to dry. Repeat this process gently adding glue on top of Padauk. Never use your fingers as this stuff glues quickly and will not come off. Finally, dab it with one squirt. Give that up to few minutes to fully bond. Actually, not even a minute later you would see that it's a rock solid. Sand the surface. Now we have a fully inlaid seamless dust. You can choose different colors to mix with the wood. So there you have it. I hope this was helpful.