Bandsaw Blades Welded Wood Metal Meat

      Choosing Your Bandsaw Blades

      Length: Determined by your Machine - Click Here for Common Sizes

      Material Being Cut: Wood, Metal or Meat

      Wood Cutting: Standard Wood Cutting use Traditional Carbon
                                Re-Sawing Applications use Woodpecker Premium
      Metal Cutting: Use Bi-Metal 
      Meat Cutting: Use MeatKutter Material

      Width: Determined by your Machine or the Type of Cut You are Making

      Wood Cutting: Determine the Minimum Radius of Cut you wish to make
                                5/16" Radius use 3/16" Width
                                5/8" Radius use 1/4" Width
                                1 1/2" Radius use 3/8" Width
                                2 1/2" Radius use 1/2" Width
      For Re-Sawing Applications Use as Wide of a Band as your Machine will Allow
      Metal Cutting: Refer to your machine operators manual to
                               determine recommended width
                               Under 90" Length Common Width is 1/2"
                               93" Common Width is 3/4"
                               Larger Bands will Range from Common 1" to 1 1/2"

      Teeth Per Inch: Determined by the Type of Material or Thickness of Material You are Cutting

      Wood Cutting: Material under 1" Thickness use 10 TPI
                                Material under 1"-2" Thickness use 6 TPI
                                Material under 2"-3" Thickness use 4 TPI
      For Re-Sawing Applications
                                For 3/4" Band Width use 3 TPI
                                For 1" Band Width on Dry Lumber use 3 TPI
                                For 1"-1 1/2" Band Width on Green Lumber use 1.3 TPI