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Install a Tip on a Pool Cue with CA Glue

by Jonathan Downing on February 07, 2022

Install A Tip On A Pool Cue With CA Glue

Let’s say you have broken a pool cue tip, or are putting a new one on. The most reliable way to do that is with cyanoacrylate adhesive or CA glue. But pool cue repair is no walk in the park. CA glue makes an instant bond between the two items you are gluing together.

pool cue tip

Any pool enthusiast has had to change a pool cue tip from time to time, but maybe not with CA glue. Sure you could take your pool cue to be repaired by a professional, but you will have to pay a small fee. Here you will find how to install a tip on to a pool cue. These step by step instructions will give you all the knowledge you need on pool cue tip repair.

Exclaimer: It is very important to remember that pool cue tips come in several different sizes. While 13mm is the standard size 12mm and 14mm are also available sizes for pool cue tips. You need to be sure you are getting the right size tip before doing this installation.

After purchasing the correct size cue tip you will need to purchase some CA glue that will deliver a strong and instant bond between the cue tip and the pool cue.

Step 1

Remove the broken pool cue tip with a sharp object such as a knife. Making sure you have removed everything and that all is left is the ferrule and the ivory where the tip is placed. After removing the tip, make sure to clean the cue with some alcohol or nail polish remover on a dry towel.

You need to make sure any debris is removed from underneath where the tip was. You need a clean and dry surface in order to place the tip onto the cue and ensure a strong bond and even surface.

Step 2

Now, you are ready to glue the new tip down to the cue with CA glue. Place a small dot of glue onto the actual cue. Then apply the tip. You should get an instant bond when doing this. This bonding glue will ensure that your tip is sturdy and attached to your cue.

After applying the new tip, hold it there for a minute just to be sure it sticks. Now, there’s a chance some glue might have gotten onto the cue itself and the ivory. Grab your towel from earlier and wipe off the excess glue ensuring that it doesn’t get on the new tip you just installed.

Easy, Successful Installation

By following these easy steps and gathering the proper materials, CA glue being the most important, you will now be able to play pool without having to worry about your pool cue tip coming off like you would with any other glue.

CA glue will give you a strong bond and will keep the tip securely attached to the cue. Pool should be fun and from time to time you need to repair certain pool accessories. Just be sure when you’re fixing anything that needs an adhesive you use some CA glue.