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CA Glue Application for Pen Turning Beginners

by Jonathan Downing on February 07, 2022

In this article, I'll show a way to glue pen tubes into your bikes. I have here a pair of figured white oak blanks and this includes using two types of Starbond Superglues - the EM-02 Super Fast Thin and the EM-150 Medium. So here's what you do:

Before applying glues, sand down first the tubes for better adhesion. When done, use the medium glue and apply it on the side. Keep rotating so it doesn't build up a drop and insert to the figured blanks while rotating. Once the end is close to the opening of the tube, take a pencil and push it in. You may have missed a couple of small spots while assembling these pens. Here's where the Super Fast Thin comes in. Take the EM-02 glue and gently apply small dabbing around the edges of the pen tube (Note: be careful not to get it down into the pen itself). Applying the Super Thin glue ensures that the pen tube is 100% bonded to all edges of your pen - front and back. Wait for it to dry and be ready for turning.

Now, let me show you how I finish my pens. You'll see a lot of guys on YouTube doing it with just one type of suit and that's fine but I personally think that coating it with EM-02 could result to better saturation. Apply the glue gently and dab the coating using a cloth. This will serve the purpose to close the pores and limit the absorption of the wood. Now we've achieved a really nice satin finish. So now, take again the EM-150 Medium glue and gently apply it to the surface. Wipe it using a cloth. You may apply again the medium glue if needed. All done! We have a second coat of high gloss finish.