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Stabilizing Wood with CA Before Resin Crown Casting

by Jonathan Downing on February 07, 2022

There is another use that I do quite often with Starbond Superglue. I have here a pre-turned all wood bowl. It's almost finished and it needs one more thing. I'm gonna take this what I call a natural landscape - an effect that is created when the wood bowl is broken apart. I'm gonna cast an entire resin crown on top of it and you may know from watching some online videos or articles that you must seal your wood before doing this. Most woodworkers would actually use polyurethanes or even spray varnish or something that generally soaks into the wood. Although it may work, I personally found that a combination of Starbond EM-150 and EM-02 glues is more effective.

Starting with the Starbond EM-02 SUPER THIN, gently apply it all the way around the crown. It doesn't matter if it pours out to the side of the bowl. The purpose of sealing the wood is to prevent air bubbles from escaping. After applying the thin glue, you can dab the surface with a cloth to lessen the heat caused by the bonding reaction. Now, we have excellent base. We can then use the medium Starbond glue (EM-150) and apply gently on the surface. This will 100% protect the air bubbles to escape. Dab again with a cloth to lessen the heat. Finally, we can let it dry for few minutes. All done! We now have a stabilized wood before casting it with a crown. I call it a win.