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Silicone Purge Plugs Sanitary Kit 1
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Silicone Purge Plugs ( Sanitary Kit 1"-4" )

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Ticon Industries has teamed up with Tig Aesthetics to offer the ultimate solution for back purging. Manufactured out of high temperature silicone, these plugs can withstand the heat of a weld seam from 1" away. Each plug comes with a multi layer stainless steel diffuser for eliminating turbulence inside the tube/pipe while maximizing the efficiency of argon consumed. To top it all off, we included our special Ticon touch and included our hyper lightweight titanium 0.5mm wall argon inlet tubes.

Included in the Sanitary Silicone Purge Plug Kit:

Tig Aesthetics 1" Tube Silicone Purge Plug - Orange
Tig Aesthetics 1.25" Header Silicone Purge Plug - Pink
Tig Aesthetics 1.75-2" Header Silicone Purge Plug - Red
Tig Aesthetics 2.5" Tube Silicone Purge Plug - Yellow
Tig Aesthetics 3" Tube Silicone Purge Plug - Green
Tig Aesthetics 4" Tube Silicone Purge Plug - Blue
Mesh Diffusers x 12
Titanium 5mm Argon Inlet x 6