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Nova SIX Sliding Table Saw
Nova SIX Sliding Table Saw
Nova SIX Sliding Table Saw
Nova SIX Sliding Table Saw
Nova SIX Sliding Table Saw
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Nova SIX Sliding Table Saw

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Circular saw with ±46° double tilting.

Finally available at everybody’s reach. With powered and programmed sawblade movement available as standard.

It allows simultaneous use of a 400mm saw blade and 160mm scoring blade both for 90° cutting and ±46° tilted cutting, guaranteeing the maximum cutting height on veneered panels and solid wood.

Unrivalled cutting finishing Sliding Table. 

Optimal support also to larger pieces, with the new sliding table 360 mm wide. Exceptional precision and smoothness: to secure the guides it is not used glue, since the thickness could affect sliding. They are secured with a procedure of aluminum riveting.

Double tilting at everybody's reach Saw unit. 

New saw unit with a stiff cast-iron structure which can accommodate a blade of 400 mm diameter with scoring blade mounted. It ensure a perfect and easy cutting of veneer panels and thick solid wood material with very high thickness both at 90° and tilted cuts at ±46°. The saw blade uses 100% of the motor power, thanks to the scoring blade with an independent motor as standard.

READY: the practical advantage for automatic control of the main positions. The programming of the work becomes simple and effective with the electronic control with a 4” LCD colour screen.

Ready 3 / Ready 3 UP
Automatic positioning of the parallel fence, from “Ready” control (3 axes). Programmed or manual fence movement with a hold-down drive for the maximum versatility. In addition the Ready 3 UP version has the control on the mobile control panel.