Rockler T-Track Corner Stop


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Rockler T-Track Corner Stop
Rockler T-Track Corner Stop
Rockler T-Track Corner Stop
Rockler T-Track Corner Stop
Rockler T-Track Corner Stop

Product Description

Right angle stop cradles the corner of your workpiece to keep it securely in position.

The Rockler Corner Stop has all the benefits of our other T-track stops, but with a right angle shape that securely straddles the corner of your workpiece. Since it provides a 90° reference, the stop is ideal for pocket hole face frame assembly. It pivots and locks into detents at 0° and 180° for either a right- or left-handed corner. A round recess at the inside corner provides bit clearance when zeroing your CNC, and prevents sawdust and debris from gathering in the corner. The stop works seamlessly with the other T-track stops in our lineup. The distance from the T-track to the edge of the fence is the same on the Corner Stop as it is on the Long Stop (#53845, sold separately), making alignment effortless. Like our other Rockler T-track stops, the low-profile knobs fold flat for clearance when belt sanding, hand planning, scraping dried glue and CNC routing.


  • A great addition to our T-Track Stop and Clamp lineup (e.g. #54161 and #54280, sold separately)
  • Can be configured in two positions for a left- or right-facing corner
  • 7/8'' diameter recess at inside corner allows for bit clearance when zeroing your CNC
  • Ideal for use with our T-Track Table (#46654, sold separately), CNC machines and jigs
  • Fits any track that accepts 5/16'' T-bolts and can accommodate the 3/8'' keyway
  • 5/8'' fence height and flip-down knobs let you sand stock as thin as 3/4'' without obstructions
  • Machined from aluminum for durability