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Rockler Small Parts Taper Jig
  • SKU: 57550

Rockler Small Parts Taper Jig


Rockler's Small Parts Taper Jig lets you cut precise tapers on small parts, lending lightness to blocky legs on chairs, sofas and occasional tables. It's also great for whipping out a handful of shims or opposing wedges for workholding applications. Its compact form factor is easy to store, easy to carry and easy to operate, especially on smaller machinery. The miter bar can be located in three spots to fit a wide range of saws, and features nylon set screws to remove the slop. Our comfortable Easy-to-Grip handle makes for comfortable, smooth-sliding operation, while two specially-designed compact hold-down clamps ensure your work won't slip, and allow cutting of narrow parts.


  • Allows smooth, accurate tapered cuts on smaller workpieces
  • Plastic clamps with no-mar ends secure workpieces but won't damage cutters in the event of accidental contact
  • Short-reach clamp allows stock to taper to a very narrow end
  • Adjustable steel stop at end of fence helps hold workpiece
  • Miter bar mounts in 3 locations to fit a variety of table saws
  • Miter bar fits any standard 3/8'' x 3/4'' miter slot, and has set screws to remove play
  • Comfortable, Easy-to-Grip knobs and handles
  • Non-slip strips help prevent workpiece shifting
  • Indexing marks every 1/4'' provide reference points for setting taper
  • Melamine-coated MDF platform provides zero-clearance support for clean cuts
  • Platform is 7-1/4''W x 11-1/2''L x 1/2'' thick
Note: Maximum Workpiece Size: 4''W x 11-1/2''L x 7/8'' thick.