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Rockler CrossCut Sled Drop-Off Platform
Rockler CrossCut Sled Drop-Off Platform
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Rockler CrossCut Sled Drop-Off Platform

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Combined with our Crosscut Sled (#33113, sold separately), this platform will provide true zero-clearance support on both sides of the blade for safe, splinter-free cuts. By keeping drop-off pieces from sagging at the end of the cut, it prevents them from splitting off unpredictably, and from getting jammed in the throat plate. Easy to use - just slide it into the miter track and lock in place with a single screw.

The Table Saw Crosscut Sled is intended for use only on cabinet and full-size contractor-grade table saws with a standard 3/8"D x 3/4"W miter slot. It is NOT intended for use on portable saws. The distance between the blade and miter track must be 41⁄4" or greater to ensure proper clearance between the sled fence and the blade. Make sure that you have sufficient outfeed support and that the outfeed support does not obstruct the path of the Crosscut Sled’s miter bar.