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Rockler Angled Contour Sanding Grips
Rockler Angled Contour Sanding Grips
Rockler Angled Contour Sanding Grips
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Rockler Angled Contour Sanding Grips


Product Description 

Perfect for sanding inside corners, V-grooves, reeded table legs, decorative turnings and round over edges.

Our Angled Contour Sanding Grips make it easy to sand a wide range of inside angles without distorting the crispness of the profile. In addition, 1/8'' and 1/4'' round overs, various non-specific round overs and a flat, flexible sanding pad are included for use on edge treatments, flats and gradual curves. Each Sanding Grip has two business ends, with the ends connected by a narrow flexible section that provides a comfortable grip. The rubber material is firm enough to hold its shape well, but soft enough to adapt to minor variations in the profile. The grippy texture helps prevent the abrasive from slipping, which also reduces the need for you to squeeze.


  • Makes it easy to sand inside corners, various V-groove profiles for sign lettering and V-shaped fluting, as well as reeding and other decorative effects
  • Use round over pad to sand 90° outside corners with an 1/8'' or 1/4'' radius edge treatment
  • Additional round overs are included on the underside of the angled ends
  • Flat pad lets you sand edges and gradual curves
  • Non-marring NBR rubber holds shape so sandpaper matches contour
  • Angles and radii are clearly molded into the rubber for easy viewing and selection
  • Sized to fit a standard 1/4-sheet of sandpaper