Replaceable Round/ Bevel Router Bit


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1 1/16" Dia, Carbide Inserts, Bevel Trimming Bit, 2 Flutes, 1/4" Shank, 2 1/4" Length

Dimar's Carbide Insert Bevel Trimming Bits are perfect to produce an angled cut on the square edge of a piece of stock. Bevel bits are versatile, in that one bit can create a number of different-size chamfers based on the depth of the cut. As with the beading bit, some Bevel bits have a bearing-tip that rides along the edge of the stock.

Bevel bits may produce a sunken type effect with a flat bottom and different angels. Although not a plunge type bits, they are used for decorative applications. 

  • Two Flutes are ideal when fine finishing is a priority. 
  • Cuts most softwood and hardwood. 
  • Works on CNC, Hand-Held, Table router machines.