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Olson Reverse Tooth Scroll Saw Blades 115Tpi 8 Rev
  • SKU: 45002

Olson Reverse Tooth Scroll Saw Blades 115Tpi 8 Rev


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Reverse Tooth

Scroll saw blades are used for hard and machine sawing of wood, plastic and fibrous materials. Excelent for all types of hard and soft wood, plywood, etc. with a thickness of 1/4" or more.

These plain end blades are 5" long, have skip style teeth for smooth, sand-free finish and special reverse teeth which provide a splinter free finish on top and bottom sides of the workpiece.

Position blade with reverse teeth in bottom blade holder. Two reverse teeth should appear above the table surface to score the workpiece on the upstroke. Adjust feed pressure to prevent burning.

45002 Univ. No 9R - For hardwood up to 3/4" thick and soft wood up to 11/2" Thick

  • Width: .054"
  • Thickness: .019"
  • TPI: 11.5
  • No. Rev: 8