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MJ SPLITTER Steel Pro Full Kerf
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MJ SPLITTER Steel Pro (Full Kerf)


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Avoid kickback on table saws.

The MJ SPLITTER Steel Pro easily installs on your table saws zero clearance insert, replacing the riving knife. It keeps your workpiece tight to the fence to prevent burning, and keep the kerf from pinching the blade, virtually eliminating kickback.

Steel core for ultimate stability and strength.

  • Package includes (4) SPLITTERS, a drill guide, and a 3/16" drill bit.
  • Designed for thin kerf saw blades
  • SPLITTERS are reversible for offsets of 0.000", 0.003", 0.006", and 0.009"
  • Kerf range: 0.118" - 0.145".
    Instructions for Phenolic Throat Plates
  • For 90 degree thru-cuts only.

Better protection, better cuts.

MJ SPLITTER SteelPro 1/8" Full Kerf System

The included precision drill guide aligns your drill with the dead center of your kerf by registering off of the kerf itself.

MJ SPLITTER SteelPro 1/8" Full Kerf System

SPLITTERS are used in tandem to fill entire kerf.

MJ SPLITTER SteelPro 1/8" Full Kerf System

The included Kerf Keepers are used when cutting hardwoods with potentially dangerous internal stress. If the stock closes around the Kerf Keepers, they automatically eject and remain within the kerf, preventing the stock from pinching on the blade.

MJ SPLITTER SteelPro 1/8" Full Kerf System

To account for runout, the package includes 4 SPLITTERS and 4 Kerf Keepers with built-in offsets from the center of the kerf. Each side has an offset in increments of .003" to ensure a perfect fit.