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Make flawless dados for lap joints and inlays without a dado blade.

The Dado Stop references the blade’s unique kerf and the actual inlay material to measure the cut. Setting up your dado cut takes just a few seconds, and eliminates the need for measuring, test cuts, and wrestling with multiple blades and shims. Best of all—there's no dado blade required.

Your fastest dados ever.

  • Static Leg 1 measures exactly 3”, can be used to calibrate fence scale.
  • Also functions as a crosscut stop for safe, repeatable crosscuts.  
  • Maximum dado width: 1-5/8” with a 13/16” stacked dado set.

Make perfect dados in a fraction of the time.

  1. Template your blade’s kerf.
  2. Set Leg 2 to cut one shoulder, accounting for the kerf.
  3. Set Leg 3 to match your inlay material.
  4. Cut both outside shoulders, registering off Leg 1 and Leg 3.
  5. Clear out remaining material from the center.