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Jepson 12 5/8
Jepson 12 5/8
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Jepson 12 5/8" Super Dry Cut Circular Saw 8320 with Saw Blade 12 5/8" 85 Tooth & Guide Rail


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Ideal for cutting sandwich panels, steel, trapezoidal sheet, trunking and cable ducting, steel pipes and -profiles, nonferrous metals, composite materials etc...,
up to a cutting depth of 120 mm (4 ¾“) on cutting guide rail.
Dry cutting without lubrication
Guard closed, prevents flying chips to the user
Integrated chip collector, connector for optional extraction device
LED overload indicator

The use of steel or stainless steel saw blades with a cutting width greater than 2.2 mm can cause damage to the device and excludes any warranty.