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Homeright Spray Shelter-Small
  • SKU: 50535

Homeright Spray Shelter-Small


This collapsible spray shelter helps to reduce overspray drift that would otherwise float away and settle on grass, plants or valuable items in your garage or shed. In addition, the roof and walls help to keep dust from settling on freshly finished pieces. This small version can be used on the ground or perched on a table or workbench for finishing small- to medium-sized projects. It pops open on its own in just seconds, requiring no separate poles. It is easily moved around, and collapses into a flat circular package for storage. A rear vent helps control airflow. The shelter does have a floor, but use of a tarp underneath is recommended for additional protection. Use it in your yard, driveway, garage or shed for spraying small- to medium-sized pieces with spray paint cans or paint sprayers.


  • Lightweight portable spray shelter can be used on the floor, table top or workbench
  • Ideal size for small projects like jewelry boxes, lamps, woodturnings and modestly sized doors and drawers
  • Sets up in just seconds no poles to assemble
  • Three sides and bottom control overspray, while the rear vent lets in airflow