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GRR-RIPPER Handle Bridge Kit
  • SKU: GR-HB-010

GRR-RIPPER Handle Bridge Kit


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More comfort. More control.

The Handle Bridge Kit's unique arch design distributes downward pressure evenly. The slotted channels allow you to position the handle at any angle for a more comfortable grip, while maintaining an even pressure.

Handle Bridges are equipped with four ¼-20 threaded inserts to attach the Deflector/Connector accessory. The kit also includes a Trailing Hook, adding a solid heel to push the workpiece from the tail end.

  • (2) Handle Bridge plates
  • Trailing Hook
  • Mounting Hardware

Even pressure across four points.

  • Attaches to the GRR-RIPPER® with included mounting hardware.
  • Distributes downward pressure evenly across all four points of contact.
  • The Handle can be set at an angle for a more comfortable grip.

Included trailing hook.

  • Trailing Hook assists GREEN GRR-RIP® by feeding workpiece from behind with a solid heel.
  • ¼-20 threaded inserts for attaching the Deflector/Connector accessory (sold separately).