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Drawer Divider System - Wide Tray & Divider
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Drawer Divider System - Wide Tray & Divider


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At 7-5/8'' wide, our Lock-Align Wide Tray section is perfect for storing larger items that wouldn't fit in the standard tray section. It's also useful for filling out certain drawer sizes. For example, if you have 6'' of the drawer left to fill, and you don't want the narrow compartment that would result from using two standard 3-7/8'' trays, the Wide Tray would provide a nice, usable space, and is easily trimmed to fit with a pair of scissors. Like the standard trays, the wide trays interlock side-to-side and line up end-to-end. The system is highly modular and is easily customized to your needs. Two standard trays are equal to the width of a single wide tray, meaning you can switch in the middle of a course from a single Wide Tray to two standard trays. In addition, two Bins (#53186, sold separately) will fit side-by-side inside the wide tray.


  • For use with the Rockler Lock-Align Drawer Organizer System (e.g. #56117, sold separately)
  • Trays interlock side-to-side and line up end-to-end to fill out drawers of any width or depth
  • Synthetic rubber material is easily cut to fit with an ordinary pair of scissors
  • Grid of cutlines on the back side ensures that the interlocking feature still works once the tray is cut
  • Add components as needed to fill out your drawer interlocking components create a solid connection and ensure perfect alignment
  • Pliable synthetic rubber tray sections protect both your drawer and its contents rubbery material helps to keep items from clanking around
  • Not just for the shop can be used to declutter any drawer in your shop, home or office
  • Includes one Wide Tray section and one sturdy plastic divider