Double Edge Planer Knives


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13 1/8" Length, HSS 18% Tungsten, Planer Knife for Delta, 12mm Width, 1.5mm Thickness

Dimar's HSS 18% Tungsten Planer Knife for Delta electric planers is handcrafted to create a razor-sharp edge, providing the smoothest cut. In order to ensure a high tool life, our knives are hardened and tempered in modern vacuum ovens.

  • Produces the finest finish in short to medium runs.
  • Lasts 3-5 times longer than M2.
  • All Dimar HSS knives offer excellent wear resistance.

*It is highly recommended that all knives are replaced for a given machine at the same time. 

HE131215-2 Spec 

Grade Industrial
Model 22-580
Length (L) 13 1/8"
Width (H) 12mm
Thickness (M) 1.5mm
Technology HSS 18% Tungsten (T1)