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Deep reach pipe clamp PC
Deep reach pipe clamp PC
Deep reach pipe clamp PC
  • SKU: PC-34DR

Bessey PC-34DR - Deep Reach Pipe Clamp 3/4"


Clamp Fixture Set for 3/4 Inch Black Pipe with 2-1/2 Inch Deep Reach Jaws

The pipe clamp is what many people think about when they think clamps for woodworking. They are exceptionally affordable - you buy the a set of clamping fixtures (head & tail piece), then attach them to a length of iron black pipe. Clamping fixtures are available to fit 1/2 inch & 3/4 inch black pipe, something to remember is that pipe is sized by its inside diameter (size of hole) not the external dimension. Clamping fixtures for black pipe offer versatility, as clamp capacity is only limited by the length of pipe you select. It takes very little time to move the clamping fixtures from one pipe to another. Features ACME threaded spindle & multiple clutch plates. They are easy to assemble & incredibly durable. BESSEY. Simply better.

  • Standard style deep throat set of clamping fixtures for use with 3/4" black pipe
  • Soft protective pads included
  • Durable cast iron construction
  • ACME threaded spindle