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CUT50D & CT520D Plasma Cutter Consumables Scratch Start SG55
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CUT50D & CT520D Plasma Cutter Consumables Scratch Start SG55

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This 30-piece plasma cutter consumables kit has everything you need to properly maintain your PrimeWeld plasma torches as they wear over time.

These parts effectively service the following PrimeWeld plasma cutting machines:

  • CUT50D 50-Amp Portable Plasma Cutter
  • CT520D 50A Plasma Cutter Welder Combo

Keep Your Machine Cutting Right

This kit fits every machine in the CUT50 Series and the CT520 Series to keep them cutting with precision and power. It DOES NOT service the CUT60 plasma cutter.

10 Parts Changes in One Kit

We’ve included the following AG60 torch components in this plasma cutter consumables kit.

  • Plasma Cutter Electrode: 10 pieces
  • Plasma Cutter Shield Cup: 10 pieces
  • Plasma Cutter Nozzle: 10 pieces

You’ll be able to service each of the three most essential parts on your PrimeWeld plasma cutter’s torch head ten times, providing long-term cutting power and maintaining the precision cuts that our machines are known for.

Quality Materials, Quality Engineering

PrimeWeld Plasma Cutter Electrodes are made from copper with hafnium inserts and electroplated to a highly polished finish. Together with the nozzle, these are the most critical pieces to monitor for wear. Over time, the hafnium insert begins to degrade on any plasma cutter. Tiny fragments enter the plasma stream and enlarge the plasma cutter nozzle hole.

PrimeWeld Parts for Maximum Efficiency

Your first indication that you need to change your electrode and nozzle is the loss of precision from the hole’s enlargement in the nozzle tip. The cuts begin to widen and lose some of their definition. It’s best to replace the plasma cutter electrode and nozzle together simultaneously.

The PrimeWeld Plasma Cutter Shield Cup is made from the highest quality materials to provide long cutting life with maximum airflow and cooling for the electrode. It also serves to focus the airstream on removing molten metal from the course of the cut.

Always use genuine PrimeWeld replacement parts for the best performance. These consumables will repair any SG55 torch to restore optimum cutting precision, power, and efficiency.



  • Plasma Cutter Electrode, copper with hafnium: 10 pieces
  • Plasma Cutter Shield Cup, replacement: 10 pieces
  • Plasma Cutter Nozzle, 0.9mm: 10 pieces