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12 in X 96 Tooth Medium Aluminum Saw Blade
  • SKU: D1296N

12 in X 96 Tooth Medium Aluminum Saw Blade


Product Description 

The Diablo® 12-Inch x 96 Tooth Non-Ferrous Metals/Plastics Saw Blade combines exceptional durability with an advanced design. Its TiCo carbide teeth stand up to the wear and tear caused by cutting abrasive materials, and its triple-chip tooth geometry makes smooth cuts in laminate, melamine and non-ferrous metals, such as copper, brass or aluminum. Diablo's 12-inch non-ferrous miter saw blade has a Perma-SHIELD® coating that prevents corrosion and gumming. Its laser-cut arbor and 0.091-inch kerf enhance your cutting accuracy and reduce waste. The 12-inch Diablo metal-cutting saw blade has a 1-inch arbor that fits a broad range of miter, slide miter, chop and table saws.


  • The Diablo 12" non-ferrous miter saw blade has TiCo carbide teeth that resist the wear caused by cutting abrasive materials 
  • Triple-chip tooth geometry makes smooth tear-free and chip-free cuts in laminate, plastic and melamine 
  • TiCo carbide teeth cut soft metals such as copper, aluminum or brass cleanly 
  • Diablo's metal-cutting saw blade has a Perma-Shield coating that prevents gumming and corrosion 
  • A precision-cut arbor reduces blade vibration and wear 
  • Laser-cut 0.091" kerf offers excellent cutting accuracy 
  • The 12" blade has a 1" arbor and fits most chop, miter, slide miter and table saws 

D1296N Spec 

  • Arbor Hole Size: 1" 
  • Blade Diameter: 12" 
  • Blade Tooth Material: Carbide 
  • Tooth Count: 96 
  • Saw Blade Type: Miter Saw