100mm Replaceable Scoring Blades For Adjustable Set

100mm Replaceable Scoring Blades For Adjustable Set


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  • 100mm Dia, Carbide Tipped, Adjustable Scoring Blade, 24 Teeth, ATB, Replacement Part

General safety guidelines for saw blades: 

  • Always refer to your power tool owner’s manual.
  • Always wear eye and ear protection during the operation of power tools.
  • Disconnect the power tool from the power source before changing the saw blade.
  • Never cut stock freehand. Always use the fence or miter gauge to support the workpiece.
  • Keep your hands out of the path of the saw blade.
  • Always feed the stock against the direction of the power tool rotation.
  • Make certain that the arbor nut is secure before starting the saw.
  • Never exceed the maximum RPM of the saw blade. Each blade may differ, please see blade technical diagram.
  • Do not use a blade that is cracked or broken, has a chipped or missing tooth, or has been dropped or damaged.
  • Have your saw blade professionally sharpened and inspected.
  • Keep the saw blade sharp and clean.