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10" Deluxe Bandsaw


The new and improved 10” Bandsaw 10-3061 is a replacement of our previous 10-306 model.

  • The increased cutting capacity, 2 blade speeds, and increased 1/2HP motor 
Improved features
  • 2 Blade Speeds 
  • Tool-less blade guides 
  • Quick-release blade tension lever 
  • Tilting 0-45° Cast Iron Table 
  • Adjustable rip fence 
  • Larger Blade Tension knob 
  • 2-1/2" Dust Port for shop Vacuum hookup 
  • Side windows for viewing blade tracking 
  • Safety paddle on/off switch 

This redesigned model includes a new 2-1/2” Dust Port which has been moved up from the base and is also now tilted upward 10°, so dust fittings will attach to it easier. The Door Hinges have been redesigned to make them sturdier to avoid breakage. Fence Carrier now has 4 additional plastic inserts in case fence tilt adjustments are needed. Rip Fence is supplied with a plastic pad on its end to allow the fence to slide easier. Lower bandsaw frame construction has been improved for positioning of the Lower Connecting Plate and Guide Assembly. Screws in the lower connecting plate have been changed for easier access with hex wrenches, if plate adjustment is needed. Upper bandsaw frame and guide assembly has been tweaked to ensure a consistent 5” maximum cutting height can be achieved.


NEW Redesign Features:

  • Easy Fitting Dust Port
  • Sturdy Door Hinges
  • Adjustable Fence Carrier
  • Easy Sliding Rip Fence System
  • Easy cutting adjustments

Standard Features:

  • Patented Spring Loaded Tool-less Guide System
  • Quick-Release Blade Tension Lever
  • 2 Blade Speeds 1,515 or 3,250 ft. / min
  • Powerful 1/2 HP Motor
  • Cutting Height of 5” with 9-5/8” Width