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Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw
Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw
Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw
Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw
Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw
Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw
Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw
Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw
Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw
Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw
Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw
Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw
Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw
Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw
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Laguna 14|CX Bandsaw


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The 14CX combines the reliability and performance of our traditional woodworking bandsaws with new enhanced upgrades that now enables the cutting of ferrous metals. With the new addition of a Digital Readout paired with a Speed Control Knob, 2 Speed Pulley system, and electronic variable speed, you can now achieve precise blade speeds measured in Surface Feet Per Minute (SFPM) to use the 14CX in metalworking applications. These additions allow for efficient and accurate cutting results when cutting different materials, including steel, iron, stainless steel, and more. 

In addition, the foot brake system on the 14CX has been improved with a larger brake disc, providing enhanced stopping power that ensures your safety and control during operation.

Comes standard with a Laguna Bi-Metal ½” x 10/14 Variable TPI Blade


  • Motor: 1-3/4 HP 110V
  • Recommended Breaker: 20 Amp.
  • Min-Max Blade Width: 1/8″ – 3/4"
  • Resaw Capacity: 13" (330.2mm)
  • Throat: 13-5/8"
  • Blade Length: 115

  • Ferrous metals (steel, iron, stainless, etc.) require substantially lower blade speeds compared to wood, plastics, and most other materials.
  • Wood, foam, plastics, and other materials cut better with higher blade speeds.
  • The variable speed system on the 14CX is much easier to use thanks to the following features and their benefits.
    • DRO - The digital readout provides a quick and easy reference for blade speeds. The DRO displays in "SFPM" (surface feet per minute).  This is the speed that the teeth of the blade are moving.  This number can be set by using a blade speed chart for the specific blade and material being used to achieve high quality cuts in a wide range of materials. 
    • 2 Speed Pulley - The 2-step pulley provides a mechanical High and Low range to keep the bandsaw in the correct torque range for the blade speed and materials being cut. The belt position should be set first and then the final speed should be set by turning the speed control knob.  The pulleys use a poly-groove drive belt to prevent slipping even when cutting the toughest materials.
    • Speed Control Knob - The speed control knob can be used to change the speed on the fly if needed, meaning that you can increase or decrease speed during the cut to optimize the performance of the blade in the specific material being cut. It is conveniently located on the control panel adjacent to the DRO display. 
    • PWM - Electronic speed control is provided by the PWM system (pulse width modulation) which uses an inverter to control the output to the powerful DC motor. Thys system has the added benefit of quickly stopping the motor and wheels when shut off. 
  • The cast-iron wheels are balanced and provide plenty of inertia to drive the blade through the material being cut. The flywheels are supported by oversized shafts with sealed bearings.  
  • The Laguna ceramic guides have a total of 10 contact points above and below the work piece for precise cuts. The ceramic inserts handle heat better than traditional metal bearings and are easily replaceable.
  • The foot brake system uses a larger brake disc to provide more stopping power to handle the higher speeds and additional inertia of the heavier pulleys.
  • The dual dust collection ports provide collection just under the table surface and lower guides as well as collection at the bottom of the cabinet to help keep the machine clean and ready for next use.
  • The table tilts both toward the inside and the outside of the saw to make accurate beveled cuts in a wide range of materials. This helps fit materials when welding metal or making woodworking joints. 
  • The saw is fitted with clear windows to easily set blade tracking and blade tension.
  • The magnetic tensioning indicator is easy to adjust to help accurately set blade tension for all types of blades.
  • Blade tension is set by using the convenient handwheel. The blade tension quick-release handle de-tensions the blade when the saw is not in use. 
  • The Hi/Low fence is easily changed from the High Position (used for resawing and most thicker materials) and the Low Position (used for thinner stock or when making thin cuts). The ability to change from High to Low position provides better hand positioning when feeding stock through the saw for certain types of cuts. 
  • The worm-drive rack and pinion upper guidepost is easily positioned and locked in place to fit the size of the materials being cut.
  • The saw is equipped to accept the optional work lights with a rear power outlet and two pre-drilled mounting locations.
  • Laguna Tools believes that the best power tools in the world perform at their peak when outfitted with exceptional quality blades and accessories. Following are optional accessories.
    • High Quality Blades
      • Resaw King Blade - Carbide-tipped resaw blade. The carbide tips outlast standard blades many times over and are re-sharpenable.  The profile of the carbide tipped teeth is optimized to provide a thin kerf and smooth finish cuts in woods.  Re-sharpening is provided by Laguna Tools through the link on our website. 3/4" blade width is recommended for resawing on the 14CX bandsaw.
      • Pro-Force Blades - Swedish silicon steel blades with heat-treated teeth and rear surface (on wider blades). The Pro-Force blades out perform standard carbon steel blades.  These blades are available in a wide range of widths and TPI (teeth per inch).  The narrowest blades are used for tight curved work.  The medium widths are perfect for gentle curves, light weight straight cuts, and general purpose work.  Higher tooth counts provide smoother cuts and are required for thinner stock.  Lower tooth counts provide faster cutting, rougher surface, and are better for thicker stock. 
      • Shear-Force blades - Thin kerf blades provide quick cuts with thin kerf.
      • Bi-Metal Blades - Bi-metal blades are used for metal cutting. Variable TPI spacing helps to reduce harmonics from metal cutting.  Available in wider and narrower widths.  Wider widths provide more beam strength and put more blade in the guides for heavier cuts.  Narrower blades are used for curved cuts and slower feed speeds.  Higher TPI counts are needed for thinner stock and tubing.  Lower TPI counts are used for thicker materials and better chip clearance. 
    • Dedicated Mobility Kit - The dedicated wheel system is designed to fit the 14CX (and other current 14" Laguna bandsaws). The retractable pivoting wheel makes moving the saw around your shop a breeze. 
    • Work Lights - We offer a range of work lights in LED or Halogen types. The LED work lights are "dual voltage" and will work on 110 or 220 power with the built-in driver.  LED lamps are available in three different styles: 1) Spotlight style dual arm chameleon, 2) Long Lens style dual arm chameleon, and 3) Spine Lock compact spotlight.  The 2 Chameleon type lamps feature variable brightness control and separate color temperature control.   The Halogen style lamps are available in single short arm style or long dual arm style.  The halogen lights are single voltage and must be ordered as either 110 or 220 volt to match the power input of the saw or separate outlet. 
    • Mini Guides - The standard Laguna ceramic guides that come on the saw are good for blade widths 1/4" and above. Mini guides are used for blades that are narrower than 1/4".  The wearable insert rods support the blade and are made to come in contact with the teeth of narrow blades.  As the rods wear, they can be rotated and pushed inwards.

The brand-new 14|CX adds electronic variable speed to the popular 14|BX. This makes it the ideal saw for craftsmen who work in both wood and metal. Patented disc brake stops the momentum almost instantaneously. Strong, smooth running BLDC motor makes the 14|CX stand out.

Comes with a metal cutting blade – Bi-Metal ½” x 10/14 variable TPI.

SUPPLY VOLTAGE 110V Single Phase
THROAT 13-5/8" (346mm)
TABLE, CAST IRON 16" x 21-1/2" (406.4mm x 546mm)
TABLE TILT - 7 Degrees + 45 Degrees
MITER SLOT 3/8" x 3/4" (9.525mm x 19.05mm)
TABLE HEIGHT 38" (965mm)
BLADE SPEED RANGE HIGH 160 - 4400 ft/min
BLADE SPEED RANGE LOW 60 - 1600 ft/min
RESAW CAPACITY 13" (330.2mm)
MINIMUM BLADE LENGTH 114-3/4" (2,914mm)
GUIDES Laguna Ceramic
HEIGHT 70-1/2" (1,790mm)
MACHINE DIMENSIONS (W X D) 29-3/4" x 28" (755mm x 712mm)
BASE FOOTPRINT 22-11/16" x 17-9/16" (576mm x 446mm)
MACHINE DIMENSIONS W/ MOBILITY KIT(W X D) 36-5/8" x 28" (930mm x 712mm)
BASE FOOTPRINT W/ MOBILITY KIT 33" x 20-1/2" (838mm x 521mm)
WEIGHT (GROSS) 286 lbs. (130 kg)
WEIGHT (NET) 264 lbs. (120 kg)
PACKAGE SIZE (W X D X H) 73-1/8" x 26-1/2 x 24-5/16"
(1857mm x 673mm x 618mm)
MOBILITY KIT Optional "MBA 14|12 Wheel System"