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                DTS 400 REQ-Plus

Finish Delta Sander DTS 400 REQ-Plus


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A great all around sander, the DTS 400 is designed for fine sanding small, angular surfaces that are difficult to reach. With a short 5/64" (2 mm) stroke, this sander gives you a super-fine finished surface. Both compact and lightweight (2.4 lbs), the DTS 400 is the ideal sander for working on vertical and overhead surfaces. Step-less variable speed improves working results and the vibration-stop balancing makes your work less tiring.

  • More powerful motor – now with MMC Electronics and 250 watts – a 25% increase
  • Improved ergonomics – rubberized grip textured surfaces
  • Robust power switch – longer lifecycle with greater ease-of-use
  • Interlocking dust port – works with latest generation of CT Connector for improved retention
  • Dust Extraction – capture the dust as it is made

Sanding stroke
0.08 in
Sanding stroke
1/16" (2 mm)
2.65 lbs
Min. dust extraction connection dia.
1.06 in
Max. interchangeable sanding pad
5.906 in (150 mm)
Max. interchangeable sanding pad
5.91 in
Min. interchangeable sanding pad
3.937 in (100 mm)
Dust extraction connection dia.
1-1/16" (27 mm)
Min. interchangeable sanding pad
3.94 in
2.65 lbs (1.2 kg)
Power consumption
250 watt
250.00 watt
Interchangeable sanding pad
4” x 6” (100 x 150 mm)