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Industrial level machines for artisans and serious home woodworkers.

The Minimax line of equipment offers the highest quality at affordable prices -- robust, safe and reliable performance for advanced and beginner woodworkers alike. All of our machines are available in single phase and are fully equipped with cutting edge technology and innovative accessories to help maximize potential and capacity. Designed to exacting standards with a focus on reduced footprint, these machines are ideal for any shop that demands precision in a limited work space. Built in Italy, with nearly 60 years of experience, both in making machines and listening to our customers, Minimax is constantly improving our designs and your ability to achieve and grow as a woodworker.

SCM Group (14)

Scoring Belt


FS 30 C Combination 12" Planer / Jointer Tersa


FS 41 ES Combination Planer / Jointer


SC 4 E Sliding Table Saw


Nova SIX Sliding Table Saw


ME 25 Edge Bander


ME 35 T (GS) Edge Bander


ME 35 TR Edge Bander


Formula S 540P Bandsaw