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Aurora-Marking Machine
Aurora-Marking Machine
Aurora-Marking Machine
Aurora-Marking Machine
Aurora-Marking Machine
Aurora-Marking Machine
Aurora-Marking Machine
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Aurora-Marking Machine


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Optical fiber laser engraving machine with fully enclosed cover can be used for marking metal and non-metal materials. It can mark time, date, text, serial number and part number, company logo, icon, symbol, bar code, 2D code, matrix and vector font on all planar, painting, powder coating, anodizing, electroplating metal surfaces, whether they are flat or curved It’s still a cylinder

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Fiber system AURORA 8 AURORA 8 PRO
Marking area 4.3"×4.3"/110×110mm 5.9"×5.9"/150×150mm
Max work Height 7.9"/200mm 5.7"/145mm
Max marking speed 2m/sec, 200cps 8m/sec, 800cps
Z-axis Motorized Z-axis, 15.4"/390mm
Table Alumina table, 14.2"×10.5"/360×265mm
Net weight 71kgs/157lbs 72kgs/159lbs
Housing dimensions(W*D*H) 27.7"×17"×32"/703mm×430mm×812mm
Frequency 20W
Pulse width 110ns 2-350ns
Cooling Air cooled
Red dot pointer Laser Power<1mW, 630-680nm
Software EzCad2 EzCad3
Optional F-theta lenses 5.9"×5.9"/150×150mm 7.9"×7.9"/200×200mm 4.3"×4.3"/110×110mm 7.9"×7.9"/200×200mm

laser engraver portable

MOPA laser source

What is special about a MOPA laser is that its pulse duration is variable: Long or short pulses can be adjusted in steps between 4 and 200 ns. Additionally, the laser parameters pulse duration, pulse frequency and pulse energy can be adjusted nearly independently of one another what results in high flexibility.
laser marking machine

8000mm/s Speed

The galvanometer motor adopts dynamic magnetic structure, with good stability, high positioning accuracy, fast marking speed and strong anti-interference ability. With an engraving speed of 8000mm/s, they outperform competitors. An innovative motion system and a revolutionary drive concept. What does that mean for you the user? Most efficient production, highest throughput and thus maximum profit with impeccable quality
Laser auto focus

Laser auto focus

Laser auto focus using geometric optics to achieve fast and precise autofocus performance.The popular contrast detection method. The obvious question is then, it’s better. The first step involves firing out a short laser light burst. This light then travels back towards the sensor, where the software calculates the time it takes for the light to leave and return, resulting in a very accurate measurement of how far away the target object is.


Protective windows.jpg

Protective windows

Eye safety is important when working with any type of laser, because without protective windows, you can permanently damage your eyes or lose your eyesight in an instant. As true as this can be, there are other types of lasers that can cause far more damage. Eye safety is a priority for us, regardless of the topic.