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Secure Payments

At Great Western Saws, we take the security of our website and our customers' financial data very seriously. As such, we have implemented the following Secure Payment Policy to ensure the safety and privacy of our customers' information.


  1. We will only accept payments from legitimate sources. All payments must be made from credit cards with valid billing addresses that match the payment method used. No payments will be accepted from any source that is not deemed secure.

  2. Our website will process all payments through a secure payment gateway. This gateway will safeguard the customer's sensitive payment information and securely process the payment.

  3. We will not collect or store our customers' payment information, such as credit card numbers or banking information. All payment information will be securely sent to the payment gateway and will not be stored on our servers.

  4. We will update our website and payment processes with the latest security protocols and practices. We will also regularly review our processes to ensure they are updated with the latest security best practices.

Great Western Saws is committed to providing our customers with a secure and private payment experience. We take the security of our customers' information seriously and will strive to ensure that it remains private.