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Axiom Laser Kit
Axiom Laser Kit
Axiom Laser Kit
Axiom Laser Kit
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Axiom Laser Kit

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Product Description

This high quality laser produces an amazing 2.8W of power with included 2.0A driver!

Built by J Tech Photonics specifically for any Axiom Iconic series CNC machine.

Due to the unique safety concerns related to laser technology a waiver will be emailed to you and must be signed prior to shipment

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Engrave:  on wood, leather, acrylics, and many other materials.

Cut:  thin and soft woods like Balsa, Basswood, and many other types of materials like foam, paper, cloth and acrylics.

MAKE incredible objects for projects or production. Your creations are only limited by your imagination!

Compatible with all Iconic and Axiom i2R Series machines.

The new Axiom CNC laser by J Tech Photonics raises the bar in CNC accessory lasers. Precision laser trimmed regulators for constant current to the laser, 0.01 tuning resolution, digital isolation, soft start, ESD protection, current limiting, and the list goes on….But we have safety in mind as well! The US Federal Government has a list of things that are required for operating these high power class 4 lasers. They might seem trivial, but they could save your eyesight! Here is a rundown of the safety features which will protect yourself and others:

Key Switch – A key is needed to enable the laser. When the key switch is turned on, the laser is enabled and the key CANNOT come out. You can only remove the key when it is disabled. This feature is good if you have curious children or have your laser in a shared area and want to limit use. Just take the key out and hide it!

Remote Interlocks – This feature allows for addition of a switch on your enclosure so when it is open, the laser will automatically turn off. An interlock switch is also installed on the rear surface of the laser which insures that if the laser is removed from your Axiom CNC router, the beam is interrupted. They’ve also added an E Stop button for the laser, which is always good for if you need to stop the laser quickly!

Power Fault Protection – In the event of a power failure, your laser will be disabled, preventing the beam to illuminate as the power is restored. Simply press the reset button and you are back in action!

Emission Indicator –  The small little LED on the front to let you know when your laser is on.

This kit is specific to the Axiom Precision Iconic line of CNC machines. This has everything you need to get your laser up and running on your Axiom machine.
This kit includes:

• 2.8W 445nm Laser in Custom Protective Housing and Mount
• 2.0 Amp Adjustable Safety Compliant Laser Diode Driver with Pre-Wired Connections
• Power Adapter 12V 2.5A, US Style Plug
• Laser Safety Goggles for 445nm Lasers
• Laser Extension Cables

The laser unit does not allow for software variability of output intensity. Therefore greyscale is not supported.

Electrical/Optical Characteristics 

Item Min Typ. Max Unit
Optical Output Power @1.5 amps 2.2 2.8 W
Dominant Wavelength 435 455 nm
Threshold Current 80 220 mA
Operating Voltage 3.7 5.5 V
Focused Spot Size 0.007 0.009 Inches
Beam Divergence Full Angle (1/e^2) // 5 14 25 deg.
Beam Divergence Full Angle (1/e^2) – Perp 30 44 50 deg.

-Note: The beam is slightly rectangular. Focused size specification is for the long axis.