StealthMounts 'Foot' for Milwaukee Packout


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StealthMounts 'Foot' for Milwaukee Packout
StealthMounts 'Foot' for Milwaukee Packout ('Packout Foot')
Product Description
StealthMounts 'Packout Feet' (or 'Packout Foot') allows the mounting of your favourite accessories to the awesome Milwaukee Packout system. Simply screw/bolt the 'feet' to the base of the box, vacuum, panel etc and you're ready to attach it to your Milwaukee Packout cases. Injection moulded and very strong, StealthMounts 'Packout Feet' are the best way to open up hundreds of new storage and transport options.
Milwaukee Packout Features
  • Made with tough injection moulded ABS
  • Red Color
  • To fit Milwaukee Packout System
  • Very strong 
**This product comes in an 8 Pack, and therefore can be used to mount two separate things.**