Shaper Workstation
Shaper Workstation
Shaper Workstation

Shaper Workstation


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Workstation is our ultimate workspace and fixturing solution for your benchtop cutting operations. It’s designed to streamline and expand upon Origin’s abilities, offering rapid, repeatable and precise fixturing of a wide range of stock configurations.

Workstation features a reusable tape field, easily adjustable shelf for small or difficult-to-fixture workpieces, and intuitive indexing pins for alignment and registration. This greatly reduces setup time and makes it easier than ever to get cutting straight out of the box.

Buy Workstation with Origin and save $100. 

Clamping Face
Support Bar
Support Arms
Angle Fence
4mm Wrench
Hold Down Clamp x 2
Spoilboard x 4

Technical information:
Max. Height: 250mm, 9.8 in
Depth: 465mm, 18.3 in
Width: 515mm, 20.3 in
Assembled Weight: 9.75kg, 21.5 lbs

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