Limited Edition Systainer Installers Set


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Limited Edition Systainer Installers Set
Limited Edition Systainer Installers Set
Limited Edition Systainer Installers Set

Being able to save time through organization is a key benefit for the Systainer system. Hours are wasted on a regular basis on jobsites both in the transporting of goods from the vehicle to the jobsite as well as searching for misplaced commonly used items. The Systainer Installer’s Set is designed to provide a “turnkey” solution for onsite woodworkers to organize, transport, store, and protect those tools, accessories, and consumables they use everyday on the jobsite. Featuring an open-top, deep toolbox with handle, a SYS Storage Box (tackle-box- style organizer), an empty Systainer 1, and a SYS-MFT worktop-equipped Systainer, bundled with ratcheting quick clamps and additional container boxes for the organizer.

  • Attractive offer with a strong assortment of highly-desirable Systainer-based solutions that cover a myriad of applications, especially for installers of fine woodworking
  • Turn-key solution – everything you need- for kitchen installers, finish carpenters, and architectural millwork installation
  • SYS-StorageBox SYS-SB: Easy to grab and go with the large bale-style handle and full SYSTAINER system integration, the Storage Box helps you take care of the minor details so you can focus on the task at hand
  • SYS-Toolbox SYS-TB-2: The easy-access design of the SYS-Toolbox allows you to keep what you need within easy reach—you’ll spend less time searching for frequently used tools and accessories
  • SYS-MFT: The SYS-MFT brings worktable functionality to a highly portable surface and also provides storage for clamps and hand tools. Equipped with 13 clamping points, an integrated V-groove for securing round stock like dowels and pipes, a non-skid strip for even greater security of the workpiece, and a slotted handle for easy transport
  • SYS 1 Blue: Designed to seamlessly connect to one another and to Festool SORTAINERS and CT Dust Extractors. The SYS 1 is empty and ready for your transportation needs
  • Boost Jobsite efficiency through organization and mobility. This set was designed with the installer‘s needs in mind. Store, transport, organize, and protect those tools, parts, and pieces you rely on every day.
  • Reduce Jobsite frustration by keeping small parts organized and easily accessible with the SYS-STORAGE, keep hand tools easily accessible with the SYS-TOOLBOX, and carry a portable support and work surface with the SYS-MFT.
  • Easily connect and move everything at one time with the one-handed latching motion of T-LOC Systainers. Pack ‘em, stack ‘em and move ‘em with ease!


  • SYS-ToolBox TB-2
  • SYSTAINER SYS-StorageBox
  • Container Set 60x60x71/6
  • Container Set 60x120x71/4
  • Container Set 180x120x71/2
  • 2x quick clamp