Dust Right Flexiport Power Tool Hose Kit, 3' To 12' Expandable Rockler Woodworking Great Western Saw
Dust Right Flexiport Power Tool Hose Kit, 3' To 12' Expandable Rockler Woodworking Great Western Saw
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Dust Right Flexiport Power Tool Hose Kit 3' To 12' Expandable


Expanding dust hose with flexible, universal port system connects to nearly any handheld power tool!

Handheld power tools generate a lot of dust right where you least want it: directly under your nose. Unfortunately, the confusing array of non-standardized small ports on handheld tools makes it hard to connect a dust hose‚ until now. This new kit from Rockler includes two sizes of flexible rubber dust ports‚ 1'', 1-1/2''‚ that flex to fit on almost any tool, plus a 2-1/4'' port that connects to most shop vacuums, dust separators or our optional Cord and Hose Holder (47321). The two tool-end ports are thoughtfully designed with a slight elbow that helps lift the dust hose off of your work. All ports thread securely into the included premium stretch hose, which is a remarkable engineering feat in itself. This supple, agile hose expands from a mere 3' to nearly 15' long, and is a pleasure to work with, providing almost zero resistance as you move about your workspace.


  • Winner of WOOD Magazine's Innov8 Award for 2015
  • Ports flex to fit almost any handheld power tool with dust collection compatibility
  • Hose expands 5x the original length, from 3' to 15'‚ for a large working radius
  • Durable, flexible rubber hose is easy to maneuver and manipulate, is kink- and crush-resistant, and has no memory
  • Ports swivel for free range of motion
  • Ports reverse thread into hose for a secure, leak-free connection
  • To use the FlexiPort system for cleanup tasks, pair it with our Shop Vacuum Accessory Kit (#52125, sold separately). The accessories fit right into the larger 1-1/2'' flexible port

Note: The two FlexiPort hose systems‚ 12' Fixed-Length and 3' to 12' Expandable‚ are NOT cross compatible. FlexiPorts with the black threads fit the Expandable Hose only, and FlexiPorts with the gray collar fit the 12' Fixed-Length Hose only.