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Clamping module VAC SYS System


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Work more efficiently with the new VAC SYS System. With proven vacuum-based suction clamping, the VAC SYS provides a highly effective and ergonomic work platform for nearly any project. Effectively clamp material or a workpiece for effortless machining and finishing while protecting delicate surfaces from clamp damage. Each Clamping Module (available separately or with the VAC PMP), is equipped with a suction base that adheres to non-porous surfaces with a quick release valve, and can adapt to many surface sizes based on interchangeable Vacuum Pods (available separately).

The VAC SYS System contains the following: VAC PMP Vacuum Pump - VAC SYS SE 1 Clamping Module (with round vacuum pod and foot valve) // To double your clamping coverage, purchase the VAC SYS System SET, which includes the SE 2 Clamping Modul