Abrasive sheet Granat Soft
                STF D225 P150 GR S/25

Abrasive sheet Granat Soft STF D225 P150 GR S/25


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Change your entire approach to drywall sanding. Get to a more balanced finish faster, while breathing less dust with Planex abrasives and system accessories. Designed as a system from the ground up, Planex abrasives, pads, extensions, and harness combine for a fast, consistent, and nearly dust-free drywall finishing solution.

Thanks to its amazing versatility and durability, Festool’s Granat abrasive is gaining a reputation as the “ultimate abrasive” for both finished and bare wood surfaces. Originally designed for solvent-based high-VOC surfaces and paints, its anti-clogging properties are well-suited for a broad range of applications, including clear coats, composites, mineral and solid surfaces.

  • sandpaper on foam backing

9 in (225 mm)