7 Wing Lamello Cutter


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7 Wing Lamello Cutter
7 Wing Lamello Cutter
7 Wing Lamello Cutter

100mm Dia, Carbide Tipped, Biscuit Jointer Cutter, 2+4 Teeth, 3.97mm Cutting Height

Dimar's Biscuit Jointer Cutters are equipped with a hard-wearing steel tool body complete with six tungsten carbide tips. These cutters have a Chip Limitation Design for producing grooves and slots. 

  • Chip limitation design helps to prevent kickback and promote safety.
  • Performs better along the grain.
  • It can be used with spacer rings for combination grooves.
  • Cuts most softwood, hardwood, and man-made boards.
  • Use on shapers, double-end tenoners, and moulders.

100PJ-SP Spec 

Technology Carbide Tipped
Diameter 100mm
Cutting Height (B) 3.97mm
Teeth 2+4
Maximum RPM 18,000
Material Soft Wood, Hard Wood, Melamine, Laminate