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ArcDroid CNC Plasma Robot

Point to point or free hand, trace your template and Simple Trace™ creates a cut file instantly. Simple Trace™ is hands down the easiest way to operate a CNC robot.
Evolution S380CPS: Metal Cutting Dry Cut Saw With 14 In. Mild Steel Blade

Evolution S380CPS is a superior alternative to conventional abrasive Dry Cut saws. It uses a circular saw-style blade with tungsten carbide tips for better cut quality, longer blade life, and improved safety. Compared to torches and portabands, it offers faster, cleaner, and safer cutting for various materials. The saw has a 15 amp motor, a carry handle, cast aluminum base, and an improved vise design with miter detents and locking pin. It can accommodate up to a 15-inch diameter blade for even greater capacity.

Pro-Tools Manual Tube and Pipe Bender 105 Series Package (Heavy Duty)

This USA-made tube and pipe bender is perfect for custom fabrication applications. It can manually bend up to 2", 0.134" tubing or NPS 1-1/2 pipe, forming quality and repeatable bends with less than 10% distortion. It has a heavy-duty frame with CNC-machined parts for accuracy and can create 180-degree bends in under 2 minutes with the appropriate die. It has a full selection of over 300 dies, and tooling changes can be done in less than 30 seconds. It can also be easily converted to hydraulic bending.