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How to Measure the Amount of FlowCast® you Need for a Project

Figuring out how much FlowCast® you need for a project just got a whole lot easier with our Volume Calculator!

Figuring out how much FlowCast® you need for a project just got a whole lot easier! 

FlowCast® is a casting epoxy resin recommended for pours of 1/2” or thicker and has a maximum thickness of 1.5” per layer. It’s clear qualities means it can be used on its own, or can be finished with pigments to create custom colors and effects- making it a popular choice for many projects. 

Now, with our new Volume Calculator, you can take the guesswork out of how much product you need and focus on the creation of your project instead!

How to Measure

Measure the length, width, and depth of the area the epoxy will fill, taking into account any holes or gaps in the wood or casting object.

  • If it is a perfect rectangle, input your measurements into the calculator to get the estimated litres required. 
  • If your project is uneven, measure the space at multiple intervals and take the average measurement of the space. If you have a decimal number we recommend rounding up your number to account for any variants. 

No complicated calculations or guessing anymore. The FlowCast® Volume Calculator now does the work for you!




Important Tips for Casting Projects

Casting Depth:

  1. FlowCast® can be poured 13-38mm thick (1/2" - 1.5") per layer. 
  2. For pours of 12L volume or more, do multiple thinner layers/pours to prevent overheating. The chemical reaction of curing epoxy releases heat! 
  3. Dissipate heat by using fans that blow across the curing epoxy.
  4. For thinner pours, check out UVPoxy or contact EcoPoxy support.


Filling Voids: 

  1. While FlowCast® will not shrink during curing under normal conditions, the FlowCast® Volume Calculator includes an additional 5% in the calculated volume required for the project.  This extra 5% is to ensure the target pour depth is met by addressing the following considerations:

    • FlowCast® will fill cracks and voids in the wood and other items included in the pour
    • To accommodate minor measuring inaccuracies entered into the calculator by the user
    • To provide a slightly thicker pour to ensure sufficient material for surface finishing operations (i.e. plane and sand)


For more information on building a river table, watch our video tutorial.

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